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“4 1/2 Out of 5 Stars!”

Hey there – Bob Pardue here. It’s great to see you here!

I see that you are looking for some information about Shelley Lowery’s website design course you can Web Design Mastery reviewtake from home. It’s a great new website design learning tool for beginners. You probably already know how difficult and frustrating it can be to find info about web design courses that is reliable which is why I wrote the Web Design Mastery review to help you understand more about the courses.

But, if you are already familiar with the web design course and ready to order, just go to the official Web Design Mastery Course site and learn how to buy.

In this short review I’m going to cover the good and not so good about Web Design Mastery and you’ll learn most of what you need to know to make an informed decision of whether to try out the course for Web Design Mastery and start learning website designing skills, or whether the course is not quite right for you.

At the very least you’ll avoid wasting your valuable time on buying a product which is outside your expectations.

So, let’s get started ..

Web Design Mastery course reviewWho is the Course For?

If you’ve recently joined the stampede of Internet users who are hoping to start an online business on a low budget.

Or, maybe you want to become a webmaster to make sites for others, experts agree and common sense dictates you’ll need some basic HTML and web design skills to get started.

The Internet isn’t typically “beginner friendly” but there’s one web design training course that’s truly beginner-oriented through and through.

It’s the Web Design Mastery Course offered by Shelley Lowery.

Can Beginners Do This?

If you need to build a basic website (without difficult programming features) and want the freedom to be able to design and update your own website whenever you want, then apparently Shelley’s course makes learning design easier than ever. This class is for beginners as well as intermediate students.

Shelley touches on the basics of Internet page designing and helps you bring your web design skills to a level that enables you to build your own professional website within a few weeks of starting the course.

But, accordingly, she goes much further – making sure that your site is written for customers if you are a business owner, SEO friendly for the search engines to drive traffic and it even teaches how to increase conversions once your visitor gets to your new site.

Lastly, the course is apparently one you can continue to use to refresh each time you need answers to your web design challenges.

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Why Bother Learning Web Page Designing?

Maybe you’re wondering why you should even bother to learn web design with so many professional programmers and designers available today. When you read the rest of this Web Design Mastery review the answer’s simple!

If you have thousands of dollars to pay a web designer and will always depend on them to update your site when needed, then you likely will never need to learn web design.

Or, if you need difficult programming for your website that requires certain know-how, then surely a programmer would make things a lot easier.

Shelley Lowery Web Design Mastery reviewMoney and Time – A Big Benefit

But if you’re like the average home business dreamer…. you probably don’t have a large, disposable amount of capital to get started.

And you might have already heard rumors of web designer “nightmares” – when a designer DOES NOT update your site in a timely manner. (Those times when you need an update today, but it doesn’t happen until next week… or next month!)

Design Your Own Website From Home …. and Enjoy the Freedom!

One thing I’ve learned from my newsletter and by doing research for the review of Web Design Mastery is that many people want to start designing their own websites but have no idea of where to get started or feel that they need a masters degree in programming.

Apparently, this is not true as the course let’s you begin where you are most comfortable – even as a beginner.

Perhaps you already own a “bricks and mortar” company and wish to make the move to an online presence. Or maybe you want to sell products or services online as a web business. Either way, as I’ve stated in the course reviews , you’ll learn the skills needed to accomplish these in Shelley’s beginner web design course.

Here’s What You’ll Learn

The web design course first introduces you to web design, how websites work, and how to design a business website to get noticed by your customers.

Apparently, the course explains in detail how to create HTML code, including working with forms, tables, text, images, and meta tags. You’ll also learn how to set up web hosting and transfer files using FTP (file transfer protocol).

What’s Included and Class Features

You may be asking Does Web Design Mastery work?

I can simply say that, if you are willing to study and learn, the lessons will teach you just about anything you’ve always wanted to know about how to create Internet pages for beginners.

You’ll find it an easy to understand manual for designing sites that look great and work wonderfully so that your clients will say “WoW”.

But, I’ll let you see for yourself why this is the one system you will want to own for yourself. Shelley’s web design course includes 8 volumes of exciting website designing training. Here’s a skimming of the surface of what’s included in the Web Design Mastery Course volumes:

  • Volume 1: Planning Your Website
  • Volume 2: HTML Tutorial
  • Volume 3: Advanced Web Design
  • Volume 4: Marketing and Promotion
  • Volume 5: Webmaster Resources
  • Volume 6: Webmaster’s Reference Charts
  • Volume 7: 101 Design Tips and Tricks
  • Volume 8: Glossary of Terms


Are There Any Bonuses Included?

Yes! When researching materials for the webmaster designing course I found a bonus offer of 150+ professionally designed templates, a CamStudio Internet Marketing version, Web Army Knife, killer mini sites, and proven pricing secrets to help you get your web business off to a quick start.

Shelley’s easy instructions apparently lead you to master design skills you’ve always longed for (but never had the time or money to take college courses). it’s easier than you think to learn these valuable skills.

Does Web Design Mastery Offer Advanced Training?

After some of the basics were uncovered in the Web Design Mastery review the course then proceeds to take you to the next level of website designing classes with advanced skills such as:

  • template design
  • image dicing
  • creating image rollovers
  • advanced tables
  • e-mail forms with opt-in lists
  • and more!

In the final few volumes of the course (There are 8 volumes total), you’ll learn:

  • marketing and promotion techniques
  • discover many helpful webmaster resources
  • and enjoy 101 Internet page design tricks and tips.

Even If You’ve Never Tried To Design A Website – You Can Do This!

According to the author, even if you’re completely new to web design, you’ll discover in the Web Design Mastery review the course will give you the skills and confidence needed to create a top quality web presence.

You’ll be able to list your company’s products, features, and benefits, add almost unlimited content and sales presentations to your website, communicate with your visitors through e-mail, and much more.

No More Waiting For A Webmaster And Wasting Your Valuable Time – You Can Update Your Site Review of Web Design MasteryAnytime!

And best of all…. after learning the material you’ll have the freedom to add to your web site any time you want.

If you want to start a new promotion immediately to test a new product, you can add it without paying a designer for an update – and without being at the mercy of their time schedule!


Like anything you try which is new, you’ll have to set aside some time and be aware that there is a learning curve involved when you learn web design.

And, there is the matter of the skill level you bring when you buy Web Design Mastery – advanced Internet users with a basic knowledge of WYSIWYG software are going to mature faster that a complete novice so just want you to be informed that you’ll have to be willing to work.

What Other People are Saying

I thought, in order to be fair to you, that I would take some time to dig a little deeper to see what other people had to say about Web Design Mastery. I was pleasantly surprised to find that it received good positive reviews in the forums and on other websites. Here is a couple .

“The good news is that Web Design Mastery – Professional Web Site Design Made Easy is not a scam. It is your complete guide to learning professional Web Design its contain 100’s of pages packed with the exact information you need to succeed. No filler, no fluff — just solid information.”, says PCthings.ne

“Thank you for removing the jargon from web page designing. I studied web page design as part of a degree course at a University, but was unable to design a page. A few days into your course, I am designing a web page!”
— Jese Maimanuku Temo, Fiji — www.bible.org.fj


My Final Conclusion About This Beginning Web Design Course

I wrote the Web Design Mastery course review in hopes of finding a realistic web design system for beginners and believe I found it if this affordable lesson series.

Apparently, if you want to really get your hands dirty and learn all the aspects of designing a web site such as;

  • learning HTML
  • PHP or CSS skills
  • Studying to learn how to create Internet web pages from scratch
  • how to add graphics
  • how to upload your pages to the Net; etc.

then Shelley’s Web Design Mastery is definitely the ticket.

According to my own reviews (plus those of others) and after weighing the benefits of ownership against the negatives, I can truly recommend this product so you might want to get started with it today and learn how to design your own website. ‘Nuff said! – Bob

Product Ordering Information – Coupons and Discounts

In conclusion, there are many places you can go to purchase the Web Design Mastery course but, to get all the bonuses and discounts possible, it’s best to go straight to the direct source. Here are some reasons to consider…


Not every person has the time or patience to learn website designing skills so, if you try the course for up to 60 days and decide for any reason it’s not for you, Shelley offers an unconditional, no questions asked money back guarantee so you have absolutely nothing to lose by giving it a try.

Shelley certainly seems to go to great lengths to make sure you can buy Web Design Mastery online, getting instant access to course materials and bonuses with little risk when you go to her official site (below).

She offers ordering options through a secure order form and also offers PayPal(TM) for those who prefer buying this way.

Web Design Mastery reviewsWhy Buy Today?

I found no specific Web Design Mastery coupons when writing the reviews.

Accordingly, Shelley is offering her full version web design course for beginners with a very limited time special discount price (and still giving all the bonuses) so you might want to pick it up here before the offer ends.

As owner of WebmasterCourse.Com I give this beginner course 4 1/2 out of 5 stars!

Review of Web Design Mastery Course