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When you start designing a website, you want it to look great, but at the same time, you want to ensure a good user experience. There is no right way to do it, but having a clear picture of the web design basics will tremendously help you succeed in this industry. Here are some of them:

Know your purpose

The first step is to know WHY you’re designing a website. Whether the site is for entertainment purposes or transaction-based, you need to approach the design as a problem solver, rather than an artist displaying their creativity. Web design is more than aesthetics – it has to serve its purpose and give the users what they came for.

Effective visual communication

A good content organization is another piece of website design basics and the key to an efficient communication with the visitor.
The most important information should catch the user’s eye first by making it most visible among other pieces of content. Keep the text in smaller segments, rather than having long unappealing paragraphs. Define headings and subheadings logically. Clearly label your content so that you don’t confuse the readers. Always stick to the point.

Easy navigation

Users should be able to smoothly navigate through your website and know their way around. Take your time to plan how your navigation bar will look like and where it will be placed. For large websites, first design Information Architecture – prepare the entire content carefully before devising a menu. Keep it simple and coherent – this applies to all website design principles in general.

Decrease page load time

Poor page loading speed results in a bad user experience. According to the research done by Akamai, users find optimal load time to be 2 seconds or less. After 3 or more seconds, they tend to leave the site. This is the reason SEO ranks higher those websites that have shorter load times.

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