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Firstly Watch My Video How You Can Become a Successful Web Developer Without a College Degree.
Web Developer Degrees are Worthless and Specially from Full Sail University:

I Will Say Stay Away from Any Online Web Design or Web Development Degree , Course or an Web Design Certificate.
The Only Thing Will Recommended is a Web Design Bootcamp and Vocational Web Design Diploma Like from Yoobee.

You Need to Have a Portfolio for Your Web Design Work and At Least You Need 10 Websites in Your Portfolio.
When You are Working as Web Designer or Web Developer with the Client , The Client Will Not Care Whether You Have a Degree or Not.
The Web Designer Client Want to Know Can You Build a Website or Not.

If You are Beginner in Web Design and Want to Learn Web Design than You Can Do the Web Design Nanodegree.

Learn Programming and Build Responsive Websites and You Will Successfully Land a Job or a Client

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