PDF Files – How to Create PDF Files Easily

Ever wondered how web designers made those cool e-books? It’s quite easy to do once you know the method. This web design tutorial covers how to create pdf files and I believe you’ll get excited about making your e-book once you read this.

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Creating PDF Files in a Jiffy

Microsoft Word makes it very simple to create a pdf from any document that you are working on. NOTE: If you don’t already have Word you don’t have to buy it. There is a free online source that works well (I use it) called Open Office. Get it at OpenOffice.org . Be sure it’s .ORG as the other at one time contained a virus.

By simply right-clicking you are given the option to create a pdf speeding up the process and ensuring that your document is accessible for nearly all users. If you need to make your papers into files on your computers, then go to this document storage services so they can help you with that.

Send Documents Without Formatting Problems

PDF has become the format of choice for sending documents when you want to ensure that the formatting and layout stays intact, regardless of what operating system is being implemented by the end user. Click here www.sodapdf.com/pdf-editor/ for more information. The file is especially desirable when a document includes design elements since fonts can be embedded.

Otherwise, if a document is created in Word but the end user does not have Word installed on their system, or worse, they don’t have the same fonts, upon opening the document on their end, they may find it completely scrambled.

It could open with strange icons and characters not intended by the creator of the document. These problems can be avoided if you take the extra couple of minutes needed to create a pdf.

PDF File Readers are Free!

In addition, pdf readers are available free of charge. You can do a simple Google search and download a reader within seconds. Even if your computer skills aren’t top of the line, you can still download, install and use a pdf reader with ease.

There are some pretty fancy features in the latest acrobat distiller products, however, these are only necessary if you are creating and sending official documents or are perhaps a graphic designer.

You can even open and edit pdfs if you have the latest versions of distiller, which is a very great feature to have, since pdfs were previously un-editable and unalterable.

You can also insert sticky notes if you would like to make comments in certain areas of the document that can then be readable when you return the document to the author. And if you own a graphics tablet you can even hand write your changes write onto the editable pdf.

This particular feature comes in handy for clients using an advertising agency or for any business owner who requires changes to be made by an employee.

Of course, if you don’t want anyone to be able to make changes to your document, you can set the preferences accordingly when you first create a pdf, the choice is yours.

how to create pdf filesThe options available are quite easy to use. If you are a beginner you can easily figure out how to create a pdf file, and if you are a power user you can unleash a whole roster of unique, customizable options. These can make your life a whole lot easier! For more web designing tips like this one and a Free Gift, go here now. – Bob

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