First of all, don’t let phrases like “HTML web design” scare you. It’s not that difficult to learn¬† HTML coding with a little training. You don’t have to be a genius to learn web design codes for basic HTML, just determined.

Basics of Designing Websites in HTML

Here are some tips and insights about web design codes to get you going forward in your designing pages as a beginner HTML (hypertext markup language) is the foundational language in web design.

Codes or tags used in HTML define what a page is supposed to look like and act like when it appears on the Internet.

The page might appear as a plain informational article with a logo, some ads and a subscriber box. But behind the scenes, codes for web design are what make the page display as it does to the end viewer.

Your Page Creation – Your Decision

When you decide to build website pages you can use one, or a combination of several methods.

If you are just putting up a personal or even a small business site without having to learn html coding then a WYSIWYG web design package might suffice.

But, if you are more into learning web design codes in order to become a certified Internet webmaster, then you’ll have to be more detailed and have a bit more education. These tips are more for the latter decision.

What do Web Design Codes Actually Accomplish?

The HTML codes cause the page to be interactive. The user can fill out a subscription box to subscribe to an e-zine and then click “Submit” to send it directly to the site owner.

The user might see flashing banners and ads, images that rotate or fade in and out, etc. There are also streaming audio files, videos, popup ads, hover ads and much more. HTML web design codes remove those barriers that once made all pages bland and without interaction.

So why all the complicated codes?

HTML language is necessary to communicate to Internet servers. It tells the servers that the page you are designing is not just for print or computer viewing… it is for online viewing! This makes all the difference because now the page must be identified as a web page.

HTML code distinguishes the page from being just a regular publishing page (such as in MS Word, Microsoft Works, etc.). And when the page is actually transferred to the server to become an online page, the HTML code will translate to the server what the page is supposed to look like.

What about Programmers?

A professional programmer studies codes to learn how they work from start to finish. He will practice writing web page code and then test to see if it works properly.

Some programmers invent their own cool codes and create new programs to make web design easier for the rest of us. Some seem to have a natural gift for programming, while others must take many classes or courses online and study very hard to grasp this unique skill.

To Design Websites – Learn HTML Code First

Since HTML code is the foundation upon which all other web design codes were created, it’s important to learn this language first. There are numerous courses and tutorials online illustrating the basics of HTML.

Within just a few days, you can be designing a basic web page and transferring it to the Web to see how it works.

Learning – Then Doing

Once you learn the basic framework of an HTML page, you can easily look up tips on specific web design codes or tags to learn how to add new features to your page. Each tag represents a special feature or function on the web page.

Or expand your knowledge and learn CSS (cascading style sheets), XHTML or PHP design as well.

Using WYSIWYG Web Design Software

When learning the basics, you can use a visual designer program which works similar to a publishing program. This enables you to add images, text, links and tables without writing the actual codes from scratch. Visual designer HTML programs are often free or affordable.

Now that you understand the basics of web design codes, move forward with HTML web design  training online or at a college near you. You can start a small business as a freelance designer or design a business or personal site for your own purposes. Either way, knowing a little about web design codes is a great place to start!

Want more web design instruction for beginners? Watch this video ..

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