Wordpress sitesQuestion: Just how efficient is your WordPress website? Can people easily navigate around and find what they are looking for?

Not sure? It might be that your website design is structured poorly. If this is the case, watch the video or read these 4 simple tips to improve your WordPress site navigation and give your visitors a more pleasant experience.

Why Do You Want to Improve Your WordPress Site Navigation and Usability?

Okay, let’s get started. Why do you want to improve WP web site navigation? Isn’t that an issue for the IT person? No, not really.

The fact is, your site visitor’s expertise plays an primary role to your website’s success or failure. With poorly designed navigation, humans find it too complex to reach other places on your website.

In today’s presentation, you’ll study 4 quick & easy methods to rapidly beef up your WordPress internet site’s usability and navigation.

Read each tip carefully. Then, put them into action one by one and test the outcome..

ONE: Be sure to Use a good color scheme

A good color scheme allows your website visitors to clearly see your hyperlinks, your call to actions, and other important places on your website.

For example, you can use…

  • a light-colored background for your main content area,
  • use dark colors for your content,
  • and then, use another color for your call to actions, for instance, your email sign up form.

For online success, you absolutely need visitors to sign up to your list before they leave your site.

So, it’s important you use colors that differentiate your call to actions from your main content.

TWO: How obvious is your website navigation?

Do people immediately see your navigation bar? Or, do they have to search the page for it?

This is very important. You don’t want people clicking in and then moving out quickly. This is not good for your site or your position in the search engines.

Website Navigation Strategy…

Place your website’s menu or navigation bar in a strategic location. The most common placement is at the top of your website. But you can also choose to place it on the left sidebar.

Don’t hide your menu in the footer or some other obscure location.

Make your menu easily accessible, don’t make people scroll up or down endlessly. Doing so could lead to higher than normal bounce rates as people scramble to leave your website.

Yes, this happens because you made it  more difficult for them to find your menu!

THREE: Try using breadcrumb navigation

What exactly is breadcrumb navigation? Basically, it’s a separate navigation system from your main menu.

It creates a secondary hierarchical navigation that appears on your blog posts & web pages.

And, this “breadcrumb” reflects the structure of your site.

With a single click, your readers can visit the…

  • Main category
  • sub-category,
  • and home page of your website.

Also, breadcrumb navigation helps with your website’s search engine optimization (SEO).

So, make sure you implement this navigation system too!

FOUR: Finally, Use a clean and simple website design – Don’t overthink!

wordpress site navigation

“Breadcrumb navigation helps with your website’s search engine optimization (SEO).”

In a nutshell, simplicity is key if you want to win your customers over. Your goal is to keep people coming back to your site, right?

And, you want to entice them to stay longer on your site every time they visit.

To engage them to stay, consider these other design features:

  • Use good-sized fonts,
  • nice colors that complement each other,
  • and plenty of white space.

Don’t make your website look like it was built by a total amateur who is still stuck in the 1990s!

Bob Pardue is the owner of WebmasterCourse.com and gives web design tips & hacks for better site functioning. Subscribe to his newsletter for more tips.


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