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HTML Headings Tags
There are six levels of headings:

H1, H2, H3, H4, H5, and H6

Each heading tag have some in-built properties, like font-size, font-weight etc. they may be very depend on the browser.
H1 is the largest font-size & font-weight heading and h6 is the smallest font-size & font-weight heading.
You can customize them as per your requirements, Basically HTML headings tag are used for Web Pages common Heading, Sub headings,Titles, Sub title and text also.

For eg :

'Main heading with h1'.
'Sub headings with H2'

You can use H2 as main headings and h3 and h4 for sub headings, but fellow the properly headings hierarchy as per their sequence in your pages, will make it more user friendly. This will also improve searching of your web pages on Google Search engines.

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