How to Use HTML Line Break Tags to Streamline Your Web Copy

This simple web design class is about tweaking your pages by writing code.The HTML line break makes it a little easier to include lines of text within your web pages.

It’s a very short and easy HTML element that goes a long way when writing concise, professional Web HTML line breakcopy. This quick lesson will show you how easy it is to create.

Why is the Line Break Needed?

Some web design programs will automatically insert unwanted space between each line of copy.

This can be frustrating when you have limited space for writing your text or if you want the text to appear professionally written, just like in a printed publication.

If there’s extra space between the lines, the text may take up twice the space on your web pages. Look at these examples…..

Without HTML line break element:
Line number one.

Line number two.

With HTML line break element:
Line number one.
Line number two.


The line break tag is a simple one with no ending or closing tag to worry with: “<br>” (without quotes).

This needs to be placed at the end of each line to prevent unwanted spacing. Then the lines will appear close together, as seen in magazines, newspapers, books, etc.

Benefits of Using the Line Break

Being able to manage your lines with the HTML line break tag serves two main purposes. It gives you the capability to manage your lines wherever you insert them.

If you need to create a text link menu for your website, you can prevent vertical spacing between each link. This will keep your links bundled together neatly without having to design a special navigation menu.

With the line break tag, you can make your menu appear short and concise; it will be easier on the eye for your users without being stretched downward due to extra unwanted space.

Formatting Lines with HTML Tags

Another benefit is you can control the way text appears on your web pages. Perhaps you want certain lines of text to have extra space in between, and others to read normally. This can be achieved by leaving off the line break tag on certain lines and by including the tag with others.

Keep your page design simple and easy to read with this quick little element of code. With HTML line break tags, you can get the results you want for all your Web copy.

Learn about this code and more by taking a complete beginners HTML design course.

You’ll soon discover many neat tricks to get the look and feel you want on your website!

HTML Line Break

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