You’re intrigued with designing websites or you wouldn’t be here, am I right? If this is you, then you’ll want to read these HTML and CSS: Design and Build Websites reviews before buying any web design books online.

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ISBN-10: 1118008189 – ISBN-13: 978-1118008188 – Amazon Best Sellers Rank: #1,821 in Books

Read About Jon Duckett and the HTML and CSS: Design and Build Websites Reviews

Jon Duckett has been designing and building websites for over 15 years for all kinds of companies from small startups to global brands.

The HTML & CSS Design book explains in simple terms how to use HTML in a concise readable format. Computer Arts says; “The title provides a great overview without feeling like a textbook.”

Learn HTML and CSS Web Design to Build Your Website

This book has a whopping 490 pages to give you a real feel for web design basics. All by experienced designer Jon Duckett so you know you’re learning from an expert.

Read the HTML and CSS: Design and Build Websites Reviews From Real Buyers

Plenty of positives reviews on this book (It’s a best seller on Amazon) so you can buy your copy stress free.

Nickolas Zakas says;

HTML and CSS: Design and Build Websites reviews

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My first impression of the book is that it’s beautiful. The text is large and the pages are colorful, making it very easy to thumb through when in a hurry.

When I wasn’t in a hurry and sat down to read it, I found that the book almost told the entire story through pictures.

The words are there and technically correct, but it’s the visuals in the book that really communicate information to the reader.

I admired Duckett’s approach to this book. He completely dispels with the buzzwords that glitter so many books these days.

There’s mention of HTML5 and CSS3, for sure, but it’s done in such a way that it doesn’t seem gimmicky or hyped.

The title of the book itself is evidence of this. Duckett clearly doesn’t want you thinking about HTML 4 vs. HTML5 or CSS 2 vs. CSS3.

Instead, he wants you to understand the concepts that link together web technology and good design. Some of that is done with HTML 4 and CSS 2 while some is done with HTML5 and CSS3.

Then, Rebecca Haden explains;

Half the book examines HTML, looking at structure, text, links, images, tables, forms, “Extra Markeup” such as comments and metadata, and multimedia elements.

Each element is explained clearly with good examples, and HTML5 is included. The presentation is economical and straightforward.

Some of the book covers things like animated gifs and how to communicate with older browsers aren’t often included in books suited to beginners.

Negative Reviews of HTML and CSS: Design and Build Websites?

I didn’t really find many negatives about this web design book. I heard one negative about the font size but that has nothing to do with the quality of the material.

After reading these HTML and CSS: Design and Build Websites reviews and with the 4.7 Star rating I’d say it’s a definite buy! You can get your copy over at Amazon. Just go here to order at a discount while it’s available..



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