51Good Web Hosting Services – 5 Benefits of Choosing a Good Web Host (ISP)

good web hosting servicesLet me ask you a question: What good is building a website if it comes up “server not found” half the time?

I’ve been there and done that with web hosting companies and believe me, it’s no picnic!

You don’t have to go through this frustration. I’ve listed some reasons below about why choosing Web Hosting Hub services is so important to your well being on the Internet.

Okay, I Registered My Domain Name… Now What?

Once you’ve registered your domain name, you’ll need web space to store your website online.  This is where Internet hosting solutions come in.

A web host provider offers space on the web that you can use to place your web pages online. You’ll need an ISP if you’re planning on building your own website.

Why Can’t I Just Use One of Those “Free Web Space” Offers?

You can, but there are drawbacks…

Many free web space offers only allow you to design your website using their format, their program, and their design.  You’ll be very limited in many areas.

In many cases, it’s not really free.  Most free web space companies allow you to use their web space as long as they can place their advertisements on your web pages.  (You’ll have no control over what type of ads.)  Also, your visitors may click out on a banner ad before ever reading your material or presentation.

Your customers will know you’re using a free service, which reduces credibility for your company.

Above are just a few complaints I hear from students and visitors to my site about free web hosting.  Nothing’s really free is it?

There Is An Affordable ISP Solution

Although free web hosting seems out of reach if you really want a successful online business, there is an affordable way.

Benefits of choosing a proven, reliable Web host:

1.  Your site will rarely be off-line.

2.  You will receive customer service when you need it most.

3.  Your site will load fast.

4.  You will have access to all sorts of features to enhance your website and business capabilities.

5.  You will be able to monitor website traffic and stats through a reliable control panel.

Before choosing a web host, consider this:

1.  Your Internet hosting service provider will be with you all the way – perhaps for many years.

2.  You will depend on your virtual server web hosting company to keep your business up and running so is important to have a good company to do it to buy or rent a server.  When your site server goes down, your business is closed!

3.  The amount of web space you use affects your hosting prices.  Some ISP companies offer very little space for the money.

4. Your Internet hosting company will guide you through many technical changes or problems along the way, so good customer service is of tremendous value.

5.  You will need a web hosting company that allows you to expand your site whenever necessary.  Some Internet service providers place limits on what you can do with your site and design.

You can probably see now why choosing the right ISP the first time is so important.  There are many hosting providers who offer great services but I have my favorite.

Where Can I Find a Good Web Hosting Service?

My recommended web host? H9 Web Hosting. This company offers all the benefits listed above and more starting at very affordable rates.

I have personally used Host Nine for about 11 years for WebmasterCourse.Com  and love the service! You don’t even need a coupon to take advantage of their offer.

Good Web Hosting Services

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