How to Get More Blog TrafficIf there is one thing you can never get enough of it is blog traffic, am I right?

This quick lesson covers some of the methods used by experienced bloggers to generate traffic and get more followers, more Internet sales, or more subscribers to the RSS feed, first make sure you have a special software for digital marketers that best fits you. An online review management software would help you a lot with getting you more traffic on your business website.

Search engine optimization (SEO) is what increases your chances of being found when customers search for a product or service like yours with Google, Bing, and other search engines. If a customer is using a search engine to find what they need and you don’t show up, you don’t exist.

You can do it too!

You’ve Earned Your Blog Traffic

Creating your blog pages was difficult at first, but you put in the time and sweat you needed , wrote good content, and got your first blog running for your readership. The number 1 tip I recommend is to have a great web design. If you can’t do it yourself, then hire an experienced designer.

For example, if your website is about plumbing, then it needs a plumbing web design.

Not that there are many regulars visiting your website; those that are regular enough visiting your blog though, appreciate your musings as they appear from time to time.

How to Get More Blog Traffic – Learn 6 Ways to Get More Blog Traffic

Increasing Blogging Traffic

As much as you like the fact that you have a few people who are faithful readers and participants, you really wish you could reach out to a larger audience.

How exactly do you get more blog traffic enough and gain the numbers you desire?
The biggest free traffic source is google. After all, traffic generation to your blog is what will make it valuable to your advertisers and maybe gain you some income from your venture.

Let’s go over some of the best-loved ways there are to make the crowds gather around what you have to say on your daily or weekly posts.

1. Keep Fresh Blog Content Coming

While your audience certainly will appreciate the fact that you take your time crafting your blog posts really well, they really would prefer it if there was something for them to read, as often as possible.

Give your readers regular, updated content as often as possible, and your blog should really begin to attract a regular crowd.

2. Auto Posting to Blogging Directories – The Ping

Now while new posts might be a great way to keep your regulars showing up all the time, they will not be enough by themselves to make your blog successful.

You are looking essentially to get more blog traffic by bringing in fresh, new people. Most owners of popular blogs find new audiences through being listed in the blog directories. If you want to get a full analyzes about you blog check out contentwiki for more info.

Every time you add a new post on your blog, make sure that all the blog directories are updated with what is current on your pages.

Go over to and ping your blog. Right away, the blog directories will learn about recent material to read on your blog; and new visitors should be able to find you now.

3. Manual Blog Directory Listing

You could also manually submit your blog to the blog directories – the great ones like Bloggernity and BlogCatalog.

It is all about being found when someone performs a Yahoo or Google search for your blogging subject.

Yahoo will index your blog a lot faster if you add your blog’s feed on a MyYahoo page that you’ve signed up for. Anyone searching on Yahoo is going to find you a whole lot faster this way.

4. Content Article Marketing

And, did you realize that writing content and submitting it to the article directories is a great way to get the word out about your blog?

All you need to do is to put in a link to your blog in the resource box for your article on the article directory.

You’ll get much better page rankings this way and you’ll certainly succeed in raising the level of traffic that visits your blog. This way of increasing blog traffic is becoming more and more popular because it is simple, and really effective for a long-range strategy.

5. Getting Back Links for Blog Traffic Generation

WRONG: Some people try the following way to get more blog traffic for what they write – they go to other people’s blogs, and write in some bland comment and leave the URL for their blog.

Comments like this are usually deleted as spam; it’s not the way to do it if you want readers to come visiting you.

RIGHT: What you do is, you think long and hard about what the post is about, and think up something really meaningful to say in the comments section.

If you add a link to your blog signing off, no one’s going to mind. Make sure to do this correctly.

With all the new rules, links should only be added from reputable sites and not much in excess of building web pages so do this carefully and in a consistent manner.

A great way to achieve a certain amount of success with a good Google search engine ranking would be to have other websites link to your blog.

Now this isn’t easy to achieve. To start the process, you just have to publish links to you competitors’ blogs on your own blog.

They could be thankful enough for what you have done some might return the favor. The more links there are coming in into your blog, the better Google will rank you (in theory). Which brings us to the sixth and important way to get more blog traffic to your site.

6. Writing Blog Posts for Others

Similar to posting comments, but with a twist. You can do this several ways. If you are a good content writer, you can contact bloggers who are on top of the search in your area.

Contact them and let them know you are willing to give them an exclusive, original article to place on their blog in exchange for a link within the article. Simple, but very effective!

The second way is much easier but does cost some money. There is a website called Blogging Underground where you can do just that.

With a small monthly membership fee, you can have access to several hundred announcement blogs which are well-monitored and simple write short articles for each. You can place a link within the content and have a powerful tool for Google and other search engines.

So, you see? There are many methods to use and plenty of ways to get more blog traffic if you know where to look.

The thing to do today is to make a list of where you want to start and, even if you are a complete beginner you should see visitor activity increase.

If your content is interesting, entertaining, or helpful, word of mouth will kick in and you will be known as an expert in your field. Have fun with your blogging goals! – Bob

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