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There is much more to small business web site design than simply learning HTML. Sure, you can purchase another web design course and you’ll learn how to write HTML. However, what these other courses DON’T tell you can cost you thousands of dollars in lost sales. My name is Shelley Lowery and I started my Internet business back in 1997 and was completely clueless to web design — I had never even surfed the Internet, let alone create a business website. However, I spent thousands of hours researching, designing, redesigning, testing and failing until I finally got it. I didn’t even launch my own product until 2000! I spent 3 long years buying all the ebooks, joining the membership sites and learning exactly what it takes to succeed on the Internet. It wasn’t easy…far from it — but I was determined… After years of struggling, trial and error, I finally made it — my main web site, Web-Source.net, brings in thousands of dollars in profits each and every month and generates over 2.5 million page views each month. And, I want to show you how you can do the same thing. I’ll take you step by step through the entire process — from start to finish.

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