You can run your own web design business from home, from a cafe or from a beach, all you need is a computer and an internet connection.

However, over 50% of small businesses fail within the first year and 95% will fail within the first five years. And there are many potential pitfalls for the web designer: getting no work; not getting paid; or working silly hours on poorly paid jobs.

To have a successful web design business you need to juggle effective marketing, sound accounting, and systems – as well as doing the work for clients! And to do that, you need a plan…

My new book Running A Web Design Business tells you everything you need to know about how to set up a web design business, how to get the best (paying) clients and how to set your business strategy to make the most money without working stupid hours!

As soon as I published the book I began to get excellent feedback. I’m really grateful to everyone who has contacted me about the book. Here are some examples:

“I’ve just bought and read your book and I wanted to say thank you! It covers several things that I know already, but many of which I haven’t put into practice yet, and I’m so grateful for the nudge to focus on them again. It also contains really useful links. However, the best thing about it is that it is feels enabling and empowering – the honesty and joy of your own journey in design really shines through and it has re-energised me. I have neglected my own site for about 18 months, while “too busy” working on other people’s sites and I am now resolved to give it the attention it sorely needs!” – Tia A

“Wow! I have been in the website design and hosting business for over ten years and in the first 10-minutes with your book I was shocked at how badly I have done.” – Ed C

“I have just discovered your website and am really impressed by the quantity and quality of your articles. I have purchased your latest e-book which is informative and gives me confidence to try web design as a business.” – Sarah B

“I’ve just purchased a copy of your fantastic new e-book Running a Web Design Business. The book is a terrific piece of work and I am really enjoying it.” – Tim S

It isn’t easy being the chief designer, developer, accountant, marketer and CEO of a web design company, but that’s want you’ve got to be! I explain how to do all these things effectively so you can efficiently divide your time between work, rest and play.

In order to build a company that offers complete digital solutions rather than being an overworked freelancer you will need to learn the following:

This isn’t just my business model. I surveyed over 35 different independent designers from the mega-successful…