Want to Design Your First HTML Web Page in Notepad?

From Scratch – This Guy Does Web Design While You Watch

You’re in luck! This video tutorial takes you through the process of HTML basics for designing pages without using a software program. Amazing, right?

Watch the video and see how to make it happen ..

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A couple of pointers is to name your page in all lower case with no spaces. You can call it .htm or .html to make it work on the web.

Take time to watch as you go from the <Head> to the Body to the end. It’s really pretty simple after you create a few.

And, you can bookmark this page to come back time and time again for reference. Now, this is not an end all video tutorial for HTML it will give you an idea of whether you want to learn web site design from home or maybe even sign up for a couple of courses at your local university.

Have fun and happy designing!!