If you are a businessperson, you are aware that company and advertising go together. We all know that advertising is not something that has been discovered just recently. However, it has changed significantly in the 21st century.

Before this particular century, virtually all advertising was done utilizing printing medium. Back then, printed media such as flyers, handbills, newspaper ads, postcards, ads sent in the mail, or yellow pages got the word out.

Within the second half in the 20th century, printing promotion ended up being surpassed by tv and radio advertisings. Customers cherished the worthiness of activity that an advertisement in the form of audiovisual more than the written phrases which are one sizing. This situation established a program for the next big transformation in advertising.

In the 21st century arrives the advent of the World Wide Web. And the same as what happened with print ads and radio/television advertisement, print and television/radio advertisement no longer dominated. Instead, the latest medium for advertising is the Internet and for 2010 alone, according to studies, worldwide advertising exceeded 500 Billion dollars.

Each day, every single client or possible shopper who owns a personal computer is employing the web. All this is a great way to reach them through Internet advertising. Your business website can become your 24/7 sales person catering services and selling products to your customers.