Get HTML Code for Free and Learn How to Design a Website

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With so many tutorial sites online, there are hundreds (maybe more) of cool places to find HTML code and use it to learn how to design a website. You just need to do a little searching. Some are more complicated than others but here is a short video to get you started.

Tools for designers

What do you need to get started in HTML design? Here are a few must-have tools..

  • A really good and concise web design tutorial
  • a search engine
  • and, of course a reference guide

To get started, learn how to design headers and body for your pages. Do a search online for “free html code” – without quotes which should give you a sizable list of sites to check out.

And, to find videos and other cool stuff, just type in “html tag” along with video, images, etc. You’ll have some basics for beginner web design to work with and you’ll have the satisfaction of a DIY website creation. Now, get going with your search!

CLICK HERE to Learn Beginner Web Design Online >>