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A Little Known Secret about SEO

If traffic generation is a challenge and you are ready to learn some valuable techniques for search engine optimization you'll find this tutorial about website ranking extremely useful. Things are changing quickly online. Years ago, getting even your website's home page listed at a major search engine such as Google or Yahoo was like pulling teeth.


If you want your website to be able to compete against the millions of other pages out there, you need to make sure that your site shows up in search engine results. However, it's not enough to show up on the third or fourth of fifth page. Users today rarely look past the first page of Google results. In order to make sure that your website can stand out, you'll need to increase your website ranking.


Ways to Get Better Search Engine Rankings


Website rankings are calculated using a variety of different methods. One important method is SEO, or search engine optimization. What this means is that the content on each of your web pages has been carefully written and designed to make sure that it's picked up by a search engine.


A search engine optimized website will contain particular key phrases that are relevant to your topic of interest. The search engine will see that your site has listed these particular key phrases with a certain frequency, and will therefore decide that your website is highly relevant to users searching for that particular key phrase. Optimizing your website for search engines can go a long way towards improving your website ranking.


One Way Links, Search Engine Rank and Traffic Generation


Another way to improve your ranking is to make sure that you link to other sites, and that you have many other sites linking to your page. By linking to related sites and having them link to you, you can indicate that you are a highly relevant player in your chosen topic.


The Words You Use - IMPORTANT!!!


The particular words that you use when linking to something can influence the way that a search engine will rate your site. Use a key phrase such as “website ranking”, and highlight that particular key phrase with a link, rather than linking to a phrase such as “click here”. Note that links from popular and key websites will be more beneficial to your website ranking than links from smaller sites.


Submitting Your Website to Directories


You can also improve your website's ranking by submitting its details to various directories. These directories contain links to and information about websites in particular subject areas.


Search engines such as Google consider these to be an important list, and will use inclusion in them when determining page rank. However, when submitting to directories, make sure that your submissions are targeted. If you submit to too many, you may be considered a spammer. This will be detrimental to your page rank.


Social Networking, Bookmarks and Blogs for Better Page Rank and Traffic


One final way of improving your website ranking is to make use of social networking tools. Social networking tools have become vastly important over the past few years. It's in your interests to make sure that your website has some sort of presence on these tools and sites. Social bookmarking tools such as Digg and Stumbleupon are a good way to increase your page rank.


All Ways are Important but I Love the Blogs


When "blogging" was introduced, this all changed for me. Now, I put up a new article page that's optimized with great keywords, do what I'm about to reveal to you, and boom - there's my site within 3 days to a week - at Google!


"When someone told me that this was possible, I had to try it before I would ever believe it!"


Even the best of SEO marketing firms cannot get these results - at any price.

Within a week or less, I'm seeing website traffic to my brand new web page.


Usually, it would take months to see a page listed, even after my site had been established at Google for many years!

Now, I don't have to wait. And, if I tweak my page's keywords and content the right way, I can be listed on the front page of Google under a popular keyword in just a few days!


Here's how I did it - and you can too!


Blogs are the Key to Search Engine Optimization Ranking, Search SEO Services, Site Web Promotion, Etc.


Why blogs? Google likes blogs, plain and simple. Blogs are upbeat, up-to-date, and provide a fresh new source of content for Google searchers continually. It's similar to the news media stories posted at a news site daily.


With news stories, sites have always been able to get listed quickly at search engines. The reason for this is that news stories are dated, and will expire quickly. So, if search engines want to get in on "the scoop" they must list the news stories lightning fast every day!


Therefore, news media websites are crawled by search engine spiders and bots often (even daily in some cases). So, the search engine such as Google is always listing the most recent news.


How Does this Affect Your Non-news Site?


Simple - your articles can become like "news announcements" through blogs.


You can set up your own blogging site at, or one of the other blogging sites at no charge.


Every time you add a new article page to your website, you'll announce the new article in your blog, giving a brief synopsis or overview of the article - not the entire article.


After writing the synopsis of your article, link directly to your new article page at your own website from the blog entry. This gives you a link back to your new page as well as an avenue for new readers to arrive at your website.


The Next Step - Very Important!


I went a step further than this because, what good is a blog if it just sits there with no visitors?


Here's Exactly What I Did to Get My Article Listed with the Search Engines


My business partner and I had signed on for a service called Article Underground so we could begin receiving 400 content articles per month. Granted, we have been able to use some of the 400 articles to add content to our websites.


The articles come monthly in a .zip file, and they can be tweaked to fit any site's content needs.


But, the 400 content articles were only the beginning. By signing on for this unique service, we were also able to participate in what's called "Blog Announcement Services."


Now you can announce your new web page on any three of AU's announcement blogs whenever you add a new article. And I must tell you, these blogs get results. You place your article in several categories for each blog and instantly you have one-way links back to your website. List in your personal blog at blogger, etc. and add another link to your site. Google and the other search engines love this!!! They come right along and gobble up your blog like candy. It's almost like a dream!


Lighting Fast Listing with Google


To our amazement, when a page was announced in our blog, and then on the blog announcement services, it got listed at Google within only a few days! This was amazing. I've never, in all my 9 years of doing web marketing and web design training, seen such fast results.


"We've tested this with 8 pages so far at my website, and it has worked so far with every single article!"


So, instead of paying an SEO company hundreds of dollars per month, we can now list our articles in the new blog, announce it using Article Underground's unique service, and "voila" - there's my article on Google within days!


It's like having my own search engine optimization ranking, search SEO services, site web promotion company all in one service!


*NOTE: You might have your home page listed with Google already. But what you want is all or most of your individual article pages to be listed as well. These should be bringing traffic to your website under a variety of keywords to maximize your site's profits.


**** MY CASE STUDY ****


Here's one of the web pages I have tested with this system. This particular web page article was listed in Google within only 3 days after announcing it with the blog services.


To view the page at Google, go to - type in the keyword "hide html comment" and you'll see that the page is listed on the front page of Google!


This page listing popped up on Google within only a few days of announcing it. Normally, it would have taken a couple of months at the very least!


Other SEO Factors to Consider


Please take these factors into consideration when listing your own blog entries....


  • My site ( has been listed with Google for six years or better.
  • My keywords were researched and strategically placed within the web page, article content, and web page meta tags for maximum results.
  • I linked to my article from my main article directory page at my own site, and also from the blog itself.


So, be sure your site's home page is indexed in Google first. Type in your main domain name (example: at Google to be sure you are indexed. Otherwise, this method may take a little longer. Once you get rolling with Google listings, you'll love this lightning-fast listing method!


Final Thought about Search Engine Optimization and Page Rank


When optimizing your website ranking, there are a number of different options you can try. Using the suggestions above will not only help improve your ranking, but will help you narrow the focus of your website as well, and thus encourage more visitors.


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