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3 simple, effective steps to customize WordPress theme & make it uniquely yours. CLICK Here for more info:

When you use the same WordPress theme as thousands do, it is natural to think what you can do to make your website unique. While this is not a difficult job for experienced developers, many new users may feel they cannot do this for lack of experience. Fortunately, it is not difficult to know how to customize WordPress theme.

I’m going to explain 3 easy steps to make this possible. Once you know the steps, you can use the same basic principles to easily customize any WordPress theme going forward.

I’ll walk you through the exact actions to take, and you’ll be a confident WordPress developer before you know it.

Tools and Materials Used in This Video

1. Free 2016 theme by WordPress.org

2. Video made with slides created in PowerPoint, screen recording by Camtasia, and voice recording by Audacity.

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